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Composite Decking and Natural Wood – Building With 2 Different Deck Materials

Are you pondering about building a new deck, but can’t decide what style? With a world full of choices deciding between two kinds of decking is actually important for a homeowner. Make a choice between natural wood or recycled composite decking. Either of these two will possess great value in an addition to your property. Although one may be more expensive up-front and easy to maintain. The other may need more maintenance, yet be cost friendly overall. The decision can be intimidating. Have confidence that South Valley Construction will go above and beyond assisting you with your deck preference.

Natural Wood DeckingComposite Decking


Rustic and Organic 

Natural Textured Engravings

Dirty to Clean look

Aged Weathered Styles

Modern and Refined Consistent Various Textures

Clean and Elegant look

New and Current

Average Price per Square Foot (Installation Included)

Pressure Treated $15-$25

High-End Wood (Cedar – Redwood) $25-$35

Composite Decking $35-$45

Maintenance (With Proper Care)10 Years 20 years
DurabilitySusceptible to weather and environmental damagesResistant to weather and environmental damages
WorkabilityWood is easy to cut and install.Composite Decking is easy to cut and install with the bonus of being able to bend without breaking.
Surface TemperaturesWood can give off a lot of heat and can freeze.Composite Decking can reduce heat absorption.

So back to the question of which deck do you want built for your house?

Natural Wood

Composite Decking

Nothing beats the look of a nice clean Redwood deck after it has been stained. The gnarly knots and wicked natural texture gives the touch of what outdoor living should be like. It can be affordable to go with pressure-treated wood if you are on a budget, but still want to enjoy being outside on a deck. These are benefits to going with a wood deck.

The weather sure does take a toll on natural wood. If it hasn’t been treated properly the wood can be prone to swelling and rotting. Sometimes Termites can find their way to exterior wooden structures and that can be a harsh problem for your deck. You will have to regularly maintain and upkeep the structure to help with its longevity. These are some of the disadvantages to having a wood deck.

Composite decking has a nice clean modern look. Some  composite decking is made to look like real wood. Composite decking has the advantage of not wearing down from the weather. It is made from recycled plastic material that is formed into a board for various sizes and lengths. It will last you twice as long as a wooden deck and the appearance will barely change. With up-to-date engineering and years of testing, composite decking can be bent with water and molded. This allows for some epic designs to play around with. Composite decking gives its fair share of advantages. 

Break out the piggy bank because your wallet will be fairly light after purchasing installation for composite decking. The average cost is $45-$55 a square foot. For just a 10×10 composite deck we are looking at $5,500 dollars! The cost upfront is about double the amount of a natural wooden deck. It is plastic not wood, so that modern look may not go well with your rustic cabin style. These are some of the flaws to composite decking.

Natural Wood Decking
composite wood decking

Need a reliable contractor?

Composite decking or natural wood decking you need a dependable contractor to properly install it. It is important to have someone that can provide liability and warranties for the job. A contractor that is knowledgable and professional. A local business serving the community in the valley. 

South Valley Construction, Inc. is a full-service home improvement construction company serving the Southern Oregon area. Specializing in the remodeling of residential and commercial properties, new construction and home improvements with years of experience and outstanding customer service.  Give South Valley Construction a call.

Natural and composite decking

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