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How a Sun Room or Porch Enclosure Can Make the World of Difference

Why not a sun room? It is a homeowners dream to have an area outside that provides relaxation, comfort, and a place to grow. To many individuals, a deck or patio can be a staple in this vision. As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” Adding a sun room or enclosure to the patio can improve the overall appearance and condition of your home.

To understand the cost and benefits of adding a sun room, covered patio or deck, I researched a local construction company in the Rogue Valley called South Valley Construction. 

Now imagine spending a summer’s afternoon under the comfort of your covered porch. From here you are able to take in the warm weather without overheating or worrying about harmful rays. Having a covered area adds variety to your seasons of living and entertainment. Hosting a family gathering, BBQ, enjoying the sweet sounds of rain falling, the laughter of children playing and making memories. The value of having this improved living space exceeds more than providing protective benefits to your house or investing for re-sale value. The moments created here matter most of all.

Why is this worth it?

These can be difficult questions to ask yourself and plan for. What are the pros and cons? An important question to ask maybe whether or not it is worth protecting what you already have? The worth comes from the long-term investment, as the value of your home increases and so does the overall appeal with a quality job well done. Investing in the upgrade of design and functionality of your home is always a superb way to gain more equity. Investing in a covered porch, deck or sun room can add character with a great design to your existing house and provide seasonal protection benefits to preserve the quality of your assets. 

While there will be cost up front, it is great to know that financing options are available as well. With the knowledge and expertise of South Valley Construction, you will be able to get answers to these questions and sit down to discuss your desire for the design and plans for the addition with an estimate base. The options are endless. 

Sun rooms provide a shield against the elements.

Take control of your outdoor space with a beautiful sunroom. This creates a wonderful experience of enjoying the outdoors from inside your home with an increased ability to manage the impact of seasonal challenges. The options to customize your design can be open, as you look into ways of creating new improvements to your home. Is it too hot and the sun is obscuring your vision? An easy fix could be tinted windows or shaded blinds. Is it too cold outside, but you want to enjoy the sunset with the family at dinner? The sunroom will provide protection against the moisture cold air with double pane glass, R-value insulated walls, and flashing. 

These steps can give you a more livable space, allowing you to sleep in your sunroom if you like. The idea of taking in a summer’s evening without the pesky annoyance of mosquitoes or flies, is truly something to marvel. This can be achieved with enclosing your outdoor space.

Can a covered patio or deck help maintain the quality of your home?

It most certainly can! Often the weather can be detrimental to the structure and condition of materials in and around your home. The overhead covering adds protective benefits to the existing exterior. Moving in and out of your house will be smooth sailing with an added cover during the heavy weather conditions. 

A covering or enclosure can ensure quality to aging outdoor space while also adding wonderful inspiration to the home’s character. The design is up to you.


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